Metrosoft Oil & Gas Accounting ServicesChanges are being made in the way oil and gas companies are handling their monthly revenue and JIB activities. The lower market prices of products produced are driving some companies to consider outsourcing their monthly accounting activities. For some, this may be a long term change in office responsibilities and for others, only a temporary shift in operations.

Metrosoft has been producing and selling SOGAS, an oil and gas accounting software package, for almost 40 years. Over that period of time, clients have been purchasers of the software or employed Metrosoft as a service company (service bureau). Today, it is a mixture and Metrosoft is adding new clients to our service side of the company.

Metrosoft different options when it comes to service:

  • Full Monthly Services: Metrosoft handles the accounts payable, receivables (typically JIB related), revenue input and processing.
  • Startup Services: Metrosoft will build the system and operate the accounting for a short term, and turn it over (with training) to that company at a later time.
  • Specialized Requirements: Activities like input of accounts payable invoices and revenue data entry by property. This is typically done remotely, logging into the customer’s system. Processing is completed by the company at their discretion.

Recently, a client had a change in office staffing and needed help keeping up with the monthly accounting already in progress. Metrosoft worked with them to use a system of electronic communication to monitor new information for their SOGAS monthly accounting and drive month end processing.

Another client, for example, sends certain specific data entry jobs that they just don’t have time to complete. Other clients are taking advantage of our full services, in a variety of ways.

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