Production Accounting System/Sogas Accounting Feature

Our Production Accounting System collects your daily, weekly or monthly data from your wells and creates detailed reports for in-depth scrutiny, or summarized reports for quick, bottom-line review.

  • Production data consists of oil produced, oil sold, gas produced, gas sold, water produced, tubing pressure, casing pressure, line pressure, choke size, production method, number of days produced, average daily production, beginning oil inventory and ending oil inventory.
  • When entering oil production, the system will figure net or gross barrels
  • Inquiries can be made to current and historic production data at any time
  • Reports available by investors/owners and operated/non-operated leases
  • User selects production period range for summary, price variance and pressure reports
  • Variance report compares field production with revenue disbursements by lease
  • Quantities produced, automatically transfer to Lease Operating Statements