Financial Reporting for Oil & Gas Accounting/Features-SOGASMetroSoft’s customers are both big and small companies that manage anywhere from 25 to 2000 wells. We have the modules you need, whether you’re managing land and payroll or just working from the General Ledger. We offer full-featured packages that provide unlimited access within business groupings. Our modules can also work independently to let you build a custom system for your exact needs. MetroSoft’s outstanding customer support ensures that you get the most work out of every tool.

For more detail about SOGAS features, download our System Features PDF or browse the individual sections below. If you’d like a live demonstration, contact us to schedule one now!

10 Reasons SOGAS is the Right Software for Your Oil & Gas Company

  1. Based on Microsoft .Net & SQL Server for the best performance in single-user or multi-user networked installations
  2. Support for unlimited numbers of companies, so you don’t have to buy new software every time your business grows
  3. Training and support infrastructure that takes advantage of modern online tools
  4. Automatic transfer of expenses and revenues to related companies
  5. Allocation of expense and revenue based on production
  6. True multitasking and multi-user
  7. Accounting and production month processing
  8. Joint interest billing
  9. Real time processing
  10. Imaging / document management that can help you cut printing time in half, or cut it out completely!

To find out about these or any of our software features, contact us now for a live SOGAS software demonstration and a thorough System Evaluation to help you choose exactly the modules you need.