Getting up to speed on SOGAS accounting software is quick and easy. We believe that training should be done at the customer’s pace and convenience.

Flexible training options reduce initial cost outlay:

Don’t get caught by surprise – Some software providers do not include training with their support packages, and you may end up paying even more in support tickets or “consulting” hours just to learn how to use the software you’ve already paid for.

Still others say they offer “free” training, but you have to send your employees to their corporate classrooms. If you have to send two or three (or more!) employees to classes, that’s a lot of travel expense for that “free” training!

Our technical support staff will work with you every step along the way:

We have learned that dividing the training into smaller, manageable doses improves retention. Allowing “down time” between sessions lets you practice what you’ve learned – on your own system with your own data – before moving on to the next set of tasks. Our goal is for you to feel confident that you’ll know exactly what to do when you sit down by yourself the next day.

At MetroSoft, training can be delivered via Web course, phone, or virtual login via the internet. If you need in-person training, we’ll come to you and ask only travel expenses for our experienced, top-notch trainer. We never charge fees for the hours we spend working with you.

“I have been in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 30 years. I first started with manual books, and then converted to Computers. Through the years I have converted to over 10 computer Oil & Gas Accounting software packages. Most of the conversions were very time consuming. I researched oil and gas accounting software for over 3 months before making my decision. What sold me on SOGAS was the customer service and attention I received from the staff while I was evaluating and then making the conversion.”

Simplicity isn’t just a claim – it’s our name! Learn more about Simplified Oil and Gas Accounting Software – SOGAS today.

Contact us now for a live SOGAS software demonstration and a thorough System Evaluation to help you choose exactly the software and modules you need.