The SOGAS Advantage

The General Maintenance Module is the workhorse of SOGAS Oil & Accounting Software. The data collection areas housed within this module give you

General Maintenance-The SOGAS Advantage

Entity Maintenance, Chart of Accounts, Account Types, Contacts, Vendors, Owners, Purchasers, Operators, Division of Interests, Properties, Locations, JIB & Revenue Codes, Allocations, Lease Status & Ownership Changes and the 1099 File.

  • Complete on-line inquiry of all database information
  • User defined Division of Interest (DOI) types
  • Division of Interest records are date effective
  • SOGAS database records are flexible to fit your operations
  • Inter-company information is automatically transferred from one Entity to related Entity at property and account level
  • Allows for one set of name/address & Chart of Accounts records for all Entities if desired
  • Division Order system allows for automatic setup of lease, DOI and contacts
  • History of DOI changes maintained on-line
  • Handles both operated and non-operated properties regardless of whether or not the Entity has an interest
  • Duplicating (Copy) feature for Entity, Properties and DOI
  • Ability to create financial statements at various levels below the Entity level
  • Maintains insurance database for sub-contractors