Keeping track of tracts! Everything you could want in a Land system is found here. Our Land management tool is one of our fastest growing and changing features. In the unlikely event you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know! Customer suggestions keep the options and functions constantly improving.

  • Provides a flexible tool to properly manage developed and undeveloped properties
  • Federal leases utilize effective date verses lease date (system will not start paying rentals until effective date is reached)
  • Ability to handle gross and net acreage by lease, sub-lease and tract
  • Monitors assignments by date and produces an “Exhibit A” report showing history
  • Monitors shut-in clauses by date and makes shut-in payments based on the assigned clause
  • Multiple Payees by lease, sub-lease and tract
  • Ability to print rental confirmation, rental recommendation, special obligation, lease status, lease expiration and fiduciary letters
  • Ability to review on line and/or print report listing rentals due, expired leases, contracts and obligations as needed
  • IRS reports (1099 data)
  • Unlimited free form remarks and legal description capability
  • Capable of handling unitization of leases

Mineral Management: Need a Land system from the other side?  The Mineral Management module looks at things from your perspective as the Land Owner.