Payroll-SOGASReady to bring payroll back in house and lower your costs?

The SOGAS Payroll makes processing easy AND flexible, especially for specialized deductions like 401k plans. This also allows for employee’s wages to be processed through the JIB.

  • Payroll can be processed weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Taxes automatically calculated based on tables defined by user
  • G/L entries automatically created and posted for wages, taxes and other deductions withheld including employer’s share of payroll related taxes
  • Ability to charge wages to properties as cost
  • Workers’ Compensation Report broken down by class code
  • Cafeteria, 401k and other voluntary deductions available
  • Employee history can be printed at any time during the year
  • Quarterly and annual reports provided to aid with tax compliance
  • New calendar year payroll entries can be processed before printing the prior year W-2’s
  • Annual federal tax rate changes provided