Sample Oil & Gas Accounting ReportThe SOGAS Advantage

Sales Verification shows how your Company’s figures compare to the Purchaser’s figures.

  • Ability to maintain posted prices daily (run tickets cross-referenced to these tables by effective date to provide gross value calculation)
  • Verification of purchaser’s net barrels and gross value by ticket and lease
  • Data totally controlled by user and checks gross barrel computation at time of data entry when measurements are entered
  • System allocates production from tank battery to individual leases or wells
  • Gravity and temperature calculations, the latest API Standards
  • Purchaser cross –reference table allows use of purchaser’s lease number at the time of entry.  System then crosschecks to locate operator’s lease number
  • Operator/Purchaser variances compared by purchaser and lease location as well as lease and run ticket
  • Run tickets entered by net barrel, inches or by meter
  • Program checks seal on from the last ticket to the seal off on the current ticket