Accounts Payable-SOGASThe SOGAS Advantage

The Accounts Payable module is where expenses are collected, monitored and paid based on your directives.  The Joint Interest Billing function is at work behind the scenes and will pull selected expense types for processing.

  • Data entry is real time and all tables are updated immediately
  • No batch processing
  • Vendor checks printed as often as desired
  • Selective vendor payment (Pay Now, Hold, Quick Pay, etc.)
  • Inquiry of invoices by vendor
  • Account data entry of invoice validated against all necessary tables
  • Unlimited number of distributions per invoice
  • Ability to update open invoice (change date due, etc.)
  • Control feature safeguards against duplicate payment
  • Automatic payment of monthly standard invoices
  • Capability of charging invoices to different ownership interest for JIB
  • Partial payments of invoices
  • Contact database search by name at the time of invoice entry
  • Invoice entry balanced before processing
  • Cash requirements forecasting by due dates
  • Preliminary check run can be executed as many times as needed
  • Quick pay method for open invoices—relieves need for manual check
  • Production and Accounting date used together for Lease Operating reports