Lease Operating Statements/SOGASThis is the Crown Jewel of the SOGAS.Net reports section!

After all the work you have input into the system, you will find that lease operating statements is the place where it all comes together for the analysis and reporting you’ve been needing.

  • No data entry required because the LOS uses expense, income, sales and production information already in the system
  • Monthly report provides information regarding any particular property
  • Reports available by both production and accounting month format
  • Ability to aggregate property information at different levels
  • Reports display both gross and company net amounts if desired
  • Excellent tool for completing regulatory filings
  • A twelve month spread of information shown on statements for cost comparisons
  • Ability to review profit/loss by property
  • System handles non-operated as well as operated leases
  • Excellent tool for tracking expenses, income and investment for properties
  • All detail maintained in history file
  • Summary profitability report available by property
  • Payout tracked at the property level or at all aggregated levels
  • Year-to-date and Inception-to-date information also provided