General Ledger-The SOGAS AdvantageThe SOGAS Advantage

The General Ledger is another SOGAS Module that packs a big punch in your daily and monthly accounting activities. Not only does it work with current and historical general ledger activities, but it also manages the input of non-operated property income and immediate data uploads from selected files.

  • Flexibility allow user to define financial statement format
  • Capability to have multiple accounting months open at the same time
  • Able to print selected accounts in summary or by detail on the G/L
  • Can handle unlimited number of transactions
  • Complete validation of journal transactions at time of entry
  • Ability to run prior period financial reports
  • Breakdown of accounts by property on G/L reports
  • Budget and prior period actual appear on financial reports
  • Option to search accounts and property details for multiple periods
  • Change or delete voucher detail
  • Print detail history for one account or all accounts for an accounting period or multiple accounting periods
  • All detail maintained in history file
  • Revenue Income (volume and value) entered directly to G/L
  • Bank Reconciliation feature
  • Able to generate financial reports by user defined profit centers based on property database
  • Allows user to allocate “common” expenses to multiple properties base on user defined parameters
  • Can start the next fiscal year while still being able to post yearend adjustments
  • Cost depletion factors for automatic calculations and posting