For every bit of data you input on the processing side of SOGAS.Net, you will find a corresponding section under the Reports Menu to display that data. There are over 200 reports built and ready to go and more waiting, depending on your use of Microsoft SQL Server and Excel.

  • All Main Menu items in SOGAS have corresponding reports found in the Report Menu.
  • All reports produced by SOGAS can be viewed on screen and a decision is then made to print the report or save it for reference at a later date (export function).
  • With SOGAS reports you can e-mail them, export the data to a spreadsheet, save them (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.), or simply print.

The SOGAS Advantage – Cut printing time in half or completely: Printing is the system’s slowest form of information gathering. The only real reason many reports exist is to ensure being in balance, that entries are made properly, or for preliminary reporting. Most of the time, there will be no need to print. However, reports are still an important part of your accounting work so SOGAS ensures that you have many detailed ways to do so.

Sample Oil & Gas Accounting Report/SOGAS Reports-The SOGAS Advantage