Support. We don't stop answering your questions after the check has been cashed! SOGAS Accounting Software from MetroSoft-a powerful accounting package.

Purchasing and installing a new software solution for your Oil & Gas accounting needs is an investment in money AND time. Whether you’re growing your business and need more robust accounting options, or whether you’re just fed up with a system that is hard to use and doesn’t give you the reports you want, it can seem like a daunting task to install and learn a new system.

Maybe you’re fed up with your provider’s technical support that never seems to answer your questions or return your calls when you need them. At Metrosoft, we put as much effort into our training and support program as we do our industry-leading software.

We don’t stop answering your questions after the check has been cashed!

  • Our online support system makes use of modern technology to solve your issues. Using our virtual login tools, you can not only tell us about the problem you’re having, you can SHOW us. And then we can SHOW you how to fix it. It’s like a house-call to your office.
  • Technical support is always available through email, or just pick up the phone! If the situation warrants, and a personal visit is indicated, we’ll be there.
  • Annual support fees provide unlimited phone calls. No “running out” of support inquiry credits or wasting time to avoid per-inquiry charges.
  • Our accounting software is a dynamic, constantly improving system. Customers can request custom features for reasonable fees, or suggest features that should be included in future software updates.
  • At SOGAS, your annual support fees always cover yearly software updates. Your accounting software won’t be out-of-date the moment you install it.

When you purchase SOGAS Accounting Software from MetroSoft, you’re not only getting a powerful accounting package, you’re getting training, support, and the technical expertise to make it WORK for you.

Contact us now for a live SOGAS software demonstration and a thorough System Evaluation to help you choose exactly the software and modules you need.

“I have been on SOGAS since August 2008. I would highly recommend this program and the Customer Service. They do not disappear after they have made the sale.” – G. B., Houston, TX