Sometimes, you might need more than just accounting software to get your back office work done. Metrosoft Accounting Services offers almost 40 years of Oil and Gas financial management experience. Our partners have experience in the oil & gas industry as producers and operators. We bring that operational experience both to our software and to our accounting outsourcing services. In fact, we built SOGAS accounting software  because we wanted a high-quality system to use ourselves!

Personalized Oil & Gas Financial Accounting Services

Whether you manage 25 or 2500 wells, need accounting services on a long-term basis or just to fill a gap in human resources, we will design a custom package that meets your outsourcing needs:

Full Service

Metrosoft Accounting Services/SOGASOur full-service package includes set up of all data and complete accounting activities on a monthly basis:

  • Collect customer hardcopy data and import to SOGAS
  • Revenue Distribution
  • Prepare and mail checks
  • JIB billing
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Reporting

Set Up and Start Up Service

Just getting started? Wells and bills coming in before your accounting office is ready? Metrosoft Accounting Services can handle setting up your new accounting software system and cover your first few months of accounting activities until you are ready to continue in-house. Read More

Stop-Gap Service

If you are short-handed temporarily, we can cover your accounting needs on a short-term basis to help keep your operations running smoothly. Read More

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