Getting started is a busy time. Your wells and your business may come on line before your oil and gas accounting system and personnel are ready to begin receiving and making payments. Maybe you are starting small and don’t have the human resources in place yet.

We Can Help

Start Up Oil and Gas Accounting Services-SOGASMetrosoft Accounting Services can work with you as you get started by delivering Oil & Gas accounting expertise when it counts the most. We will ensure that your accounts and data are initialized to meet your needs from the outset. We will:

  • Import and/or enter well data, account information, names & addresses
  • Transition data from a legacy system into SOGAS
  • Handle monthly accounting tasks such as Revenue Distribution, JIB billing, and Accounts Payable Processing until your in-house team is ready to take over.

Unlike other services that move you to their accounting system, then hold your data hostage when you want to leave, Metrosoft Accounting Services never ties our service to your information. We can work with you as you get started then let you handle the rest on your own. If you need temporary accounting assistance later, we can help you with that.